Wednesday, October 15, 2008


SOO much has happened this last month and some of it I wont be discussing here, but I started my new job and I LOVE IT! I've been there almost 4 weeks already! I am getting ready for my big 30th birthday party!! Starting to feel a bit aged. I have decided I am going to re-join WW. I am pretty excited becuase I feel I need something a little more structured. I need the discipline too. My mom is going to join with me which always helps. She only has about 20 pounds to lose though. So I will start updating again once I do that.......

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carla said...

you can do this and you should STOP and pat yourself on the back for getting back to it BEFORE you've gained everything you worked so hard to lose!!

did you rejoin ww yet?

how was your monday?!